Nissan Recall Service Center in Kansas City

Prestige Nissan Tiffany Springs is an authorized Nissan Recall Service Center in Kansas City that can service your recall needs. Whether it is a digital or mechanical feature that needs a thorough check, we will take care of everything. Customer safety is our top priority followed by client satisfaction. Check your vehicle's VIN number below to see if it has any outstanding recalls, or we will take care of that when you schedule your recall service with us today.

Nissan Recall FAQ

According to the NHTSA, greater than 10 million auto recalls are reported every year across all automakers. Unsurprisingly, a lot of these recalls result from safety issues that have been confirmed and reported by the carmaker and the NHTSA. If you are taking care of a recall, you'll surely have lots of questions to ask. The best news is that you are in the right place to get your questions answered. Worried about the do's and don'ts of a Nissan recall?, Right here is a detailed guide to car safety recalls.

What is an Automobile Recall?

Car safety recalls by the manufacturer are announced when the automobile Nissan or the NHTSA finds a flaw or problem that can influence the risk-free operation of the automobile. The issue can be present in just one car design or a series of automobiles. As soon as the manufacturer sends out notices to the car dealerships, registered car owners are notified of the problem so as to get their vehicle diagnosed, repaired or replaced by the certified vehicle dealers. Most of the time, an automobile recall is for a safety-related issue pertaining to the: Car's steering Brakes and brake pads Wheels and tires Seat belts, air bags or ignition button Technical problems For the most part, the vehicle manufacturer willingly decides to perform a safety check in order to identify problems. Nonetheless, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration might also start an examination based on consumer issues and complaints to identify if a Nissan requires a safety recall. Regardless of who makes the recall decision, suppliers are required to take care of the problem.  

What Should I Do After Getting a Recall On My Nissan?

The initial thing to do after you get a recall letter is to review it completely. The letter should describe the issue in detail. The letter additionally comes with all of the necessary information for scheduling a time to take care of the problem at a local dealer. As per the letter, Automobile buyers will be advised on how and when to get in touch with the neighborhood dealership How to set up an appointment for the repair services Warning signs and risks related to the problem Whatever you do, we recommend not to delay having your car checked as soon as possible. Also, do not ignore the recall. As many auto recalls are related to safety, you may place yourself and your family at risk by waiting.

Who is the NHTSA?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA is a Government agency within the US Department of Transportation that carries out a range of car safety programs. As a part of its work, NHTSA enforces safety performance requirements for lots of vehicles, car equipment and performs vehicle safety investigations.

How Do I Find Out if My Automobile has a Safety Recall?

After getting the notice from the NHTSA, the car manufacturers have 60-days to send recall notifications to all officially registered vehicle owners notifying them of the recall decision. If your car is acting unusual and you presume it may have a recall, you can always get in touch with your neighborhood car dealer to check.

Does your Nissan have an Open Recall?

Nobody likes when their vehicle doesn't work the way it is supposed to. But when driving that car risks your safety and the safety of your passengers, you should never wait to get it checked. Taking action after receiving a safety recall letter may save your life. If you have gotten a Nissan recall letter or find that your Nissan has an open recall by using the VIN search, let Prestige Nissan Tiffany Springs in Kansas City handle your recall repair. We will get you back on the road safely. Nissan Recall Check & Car Recall FAQs | Prestige Nissan Tiffany Springs